OS2014 for Alexander Viscio

An outdoor interactive public sculpture and exhibition platform, commissioned by the Federal Chancellery of Austria for the 2014 Centennial, Sarajevo. It is designed to offer its guests the opportunity to enter the space of the sculpture and by passing through the labyrinth, in route to viewing images from selected artists that have been wallpapered onto the entire interior including the floor, they are the only objects in the space and by taking an active role, become part if its content.

Beating Heart

This unique art installation connects emerging technologies with contemporary art, audiences and creativity. The installation called Beating Heart consists of: sculpture, online activation campaign, audience text messages, light, augmented reality, interactivity and sound. Presented at the National Theater Platou in Sarajevo, it received the World Citizen Artists award for 2020.

Anie Rexe

Fashion brand Anie Rexe in collaboration with Heather Jordan was established a an artist collaborative whose fashion shows incorporated various art forms. Anie Rexe was also responsible for costume design and production design on independent films and off Broadway plays.

Think Freedom

From public art to a platform of creative concepts activated by contemporary art and powered by dialogue and connectivity, project Think Freedom incorporates sculpture, installation, light, sound, and new technologies. It is a collaboration of shared experience connecting communities with creativity, new technologies, and contemporary art in a participatory cultural innovation.

Multimedia Think Freedom installation, is composed of hundreds of suspended sculptures individually made from two metal strips, like two hands or two messages folded into a shape of a bird, a symbol recognised in every culture and every religion as a symbol of moving forward, of transitioning, of hoping and dreaming. More than that each sculpture is given life by a young student’s message handwritten on its wings. Young people globally write to me about their idea of freedom and their view of the future. These messages written on the installation join messages from all previous location and will go on as the universal understanding of the power of art. Students of art/architecture/design work with me and design the installation in each location anew, adding their own creations to the installation as it becomes authentic each time.

Think Freedom grew out of conversations with young people about what culture and art mean to them: can they be tools to build and establish our freedom? Together we presented it as a multimedia installation at the Sarajevo City Hall for the first time in 2015 when Associated Press published its first photograph as the Global Image of the Day and the Vatican Embassy gifted one sculpture to His Holiness during his visit to Sarajevo. Think Freedom today is on its global journey as a comprehensive public art project researching opinions and supporting new dialogues and diverse aspects of our lives in the new millennia, while employing contemporary art as the vehicle of communication and interaction. Sculptures from previous host cities continue to travel to the future host cities and by the end of our journey, when Think Freedom will presented in New York City at the Daag Hammerskjold Plaza in 2025, it will already have an audience of 30 million with over 10 thousand voices of young people heard.


This conceptual photo essay brings the essence of our universal truths to light. It elicits a myriad of introspective questions. Are the answers in the eyes of the beholder, or are they in the eyes of women around the world adorned in cultural, ceremonial, and religious dress? The women in these photographs represent the perspectives of every woman, and, in an ironic twist, though “she” appears to be many women, the actual subject is a woman.

Occupy Air by Alexander Viscio

Installation and public art performance by the first Artist in Residence at the International Atelier Ismet Mujezinovic. This Artist in Residence program, first of such kind in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is founded by Edina Seleskovic in cooperation with the International Portrait Gallery Ismet Mujezinovic and NGO Radio Kameleon and funded by US Embassy in Sarajevo.