Edina Seleskovic is a Bosnian born American, New York based sculptor. She was an exchange student in the United States when the destructive Bosnian War displaced Edina from her homeland and family. Turning to her art for solace she found art as her carrier, a way of life and United States as her new homeland.

In 1999, she received a BFA from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. Her works have been exhibited in over 50 group and solo shows in galleries across the US, in Europe, and Asia.


Edina Seleskovic’ fascinating life and rising carrier reflect her multiple horizons. Not only is she passionately active in the international art world, Edina is also highly recognized fashion designer with Anie Rexe fashions, whose avant-garde creations have appeared in Cosmopolitan and Smock Magazines.


Her collaborative efforts with artists of many disciplines have resulted in founding of the New York-based artist collective The Stoodio and fashion collaborative Anie Rexe. She is one of the founding artists of the Williamsburg artist community in New York. Her collaborative efforts do not stop there. She is noted for the public performance Take One in collaboration with photographer Emily Raw, a video performance Maid in Chinatown with artist Aaron Sheppard was presented in Being for the first Chinese Biennial in 2008, and numerous others.


Edina’s public works include several interesting projects. It started with a large mural at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the invitation of the Bosnian Prime Minister while she was a student at the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC. She collaborated with Bosnia’s famous artist Adin Hebib for the first time then. This collaboration continued on other projects and in 2004 they together ventured into creating a large mural/sculpture at the entrance of the tallest building in Bosnia and Herzegovina Avaz Business Tower. Edina continued her public works with sculpture Dress for a Princess commissioned as a gift for the British royal couple to be married in 2011. Her collaboration with conceptualist Alexander Viscio led to the pilot Artist in Residence project and a public sculpture that was an installation and a large public performance with 1000 local students involved. Project titled Occupy Air continued as the Austrian Ministry of Culture commissioned them to build such sculpture in Sarajevo for the 100 anniversary of the assassination of Duke Ferdinand in Sarajevo, which instigated the First World War. Edina’s projects are only getting bigger and more complex. In 2018 Edina will build a 26 feet tall Solar Tree in New Hampshire, a public sculpture and a monument that will promote and educate about the sustainable sources of energy, while building a community around it. She was invited to build such trees in Croatia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Edina is traveling often working on both continents whenever possible. In 2007, Bosnia issued a Special Edition Postage Stamp featuring a painting by Edina Seleskovic. Bosnian National Basketball Team wore jerseys specially designed by Edina for the Eurobasket 2013 in Slovenia. She is the founder of the first Artist in Residence program in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the International Atelier Ismet Mujezinovic in Tuzla, with the support of the American Embassy in Sarajevo and the International Portrait Gallery in Tuzla.


Think Freedom: Between Today and Tomorrow began in Sarajevo in 2015 instigated by Edina’s desire to connect young people with the universal power of art and to employ contemporary art in order to send their message to the World. Associated Press published a photograph from this project and its large public installation at the Sarajevo City Hall as the Global Image of the Day. Vatican Embassy in Sarajevo asked Edina to give one Think Freedom sculpture to His Holiness during his visit to Sarajevo in order for him to take this piece and message back to the Vatican. Besides remarkable reviews, this first installation of project Think Freedom at the Sarajevo City Hall received an invitation from United World Council in New York for Edina to present the project in New York at the Daag Hammerskjold Plaza on 47th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. However, Edina decided for the project to first travel in Southern Europe, then EU countries, Latin America and Asia and for New York City to be the final stop of this tour. During the General Assembly of the International Association of Peace Messenger Cities in Poland in 2016, this association proposed their support for the project and invited all its member cities to be project hosts. More and more cities are joining the project and becoming Think Freedom hosts. This year Think Freedom will travel to Ljubljana, Split, Podgorica, Skopje, Berlin, Copenhagen, Brussels, and Lisbon. Talks for 2018 have already began with Quito, Hiroshima, Alexandria, Lima, Buenos Aires, Moscow…. A creative documentary about the project and the concept of Freedom is being filmed at each location, directed by award winning director Ahmed Imamovic and it will premiere in New York in 2019/2020 together with the installation and a publication of all messages of peace and freedom contributed by the young students.


Edina’s life and art have been a subject of numerous magazine articles, radio and TV shows, and a Voice of America TV documentary titled “Edina’s Story”.  She is a motivator and frequent guest speakers at conferences on subject of art and its role in today’s society. Most recently she spoke at the Weekend Media Festival, OPEN fest, STEP conference, and CEO conference. She is a recipient of Sculpture Space Fellowship for 2010/2011 and Can Serrat residency in Barcelona, Spain in 2011, Gosce Gallery residency in Austria, and Sam and Adele Golden Foundation residency in New York for October of 2015. Edina is currently working on several exhibitions and projects in Europe She lives and works in New York, USA and in her hometown Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.