OS2014 for Alexander Viscio

An outdoor interactive public sculpture and exhibition platform, commissioned by the Federal Chancellery of Austria for the 2014 Centennial, Sarajevo. It is designed to offer its guests the opportunity to enter the space of the sculpture and by passing through the labyrinth, in route to viewing images from selected artists that have been wallpapered onto the entire interior including the floor, they are the only objects in the space and by taking an active role, become part if its content.


This conceptual photo essay brings the essence of our universal truths to light. It elicits a myriad of introspective questions. Are the answers in the eyes of the beholder, or are they in the eyes of women around the world adorned in cultural, ceremonial, and religious dress? The women in these photographs represent the perspectives of every woman, and, in an ironic twist, though “she” appears to be many women, the actual subject is a woman.