The timeless and unfathomable exploration of the female form is wonderfully sustained in the work of Edina Seleskovic. Rooted in an artistic tradition of her homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is certainly a means by which she is able to connect to the soil of her far-away heritage. Yet to view Edina’s art as simply catharsis for a displaced soul is to dismiss the voice that has imparted to the painted and sculpted pieces.

With true power of passion, Edina s work presents, on the one hand, a figurative story of womankind in a personal and substantive contextual environment; while on the other hand, she has allowed her subject to tell her own compelling and ever-evolving story.

As we encounter each image, it represents itself in a cinematic synchrony of personal history, woven with places in time.


Offering a new definition to the “Global Citizen of the World”, Bosnian born, Washington D. C. educated, and New York based artist, Edina S.’ fascinating life and rising carrier reflect her multiple horizons. Not only is she passionately active in the international art world, but Edina S. is also highly recognized global fashion designer with Anie Rexe fashions, whose avant-garde creations have appeared in COSMOPOLITAN and SMOCK Magazines.

As Edina S.’ advancing career metamorphosed with a 1999 exhibition at the Washington, DC’s Corcoran Gallery, her complex art and compelling life story caught the attention of the producers at Voice of America TV, who highlighted this young artist as the sole subject of a Voice of America documentary entitled: “Edina’s Story”. Additional honors were bestowed on Edina who was awarded a co-commission to design the official wall mural at the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Washington, DC.

Influenced by her love of dance, Edina S.’ graceful, almost life-sized painted and sculpted figures reflect a sustained moment of her inner world, mysteriously suggesting a living human soul dwelling therein. These introspective, mixed media soulful forms, whose faces are partially obscured, capture an internal dialogue, metamorphosing from the inanimate to the animate, drawing the curtain into hidden conversations of another realm. Spiritually conveying the enigmas of the human condition. Edina S.’ art reveals a spiritual force from within and is a visual testament to the fortitude of women and the resilience of her two homelands: Bosnia and Herzegovina and United States.