2019 – 2022

Think Freedom AR, Out of Hand, Annmarie Sculpture Garden, United States

Think Freedom AR, AoMo, Liverpool UK

Beating Heart of Europe, interactive art installation, Festival of Lights Zagreb, Croatia

Think Freedom for 12 days of Peace, interactive art installation, UNFPA project in B&H

Think Freedom, interactive art installation, Porto, Portugal

Think Freedom, interactive art installation, SyArt, Sorrento, Italy

Think Freedom, interactive art installation, Lacuna Festival, Spain

Kuća sporta, author of permanent museum exhibition, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Think Freedom, virtual art exhibition, Sarajevo Innovation Summit, B&H

Beating Heart of Sarajevo, light and AR installation, Susan Sontag Square, Sarajevo, B&H

River, wall installation, Marriot Hotel, Banja Luka, B&H

Think Freedom Global, Augmented Reality interactive, Sarajevo, B&H

Think Freedom, art installation, Art Rooms Fair Roma at Church Village Palace Sculpture Garden, Rome, Italy

Think Freedom, art installation, Freedom Square, Veszprem, Hungary 

Think Freedom, art installation, Schemnitz Gallery, Slovakia

Sarajevo Wishes, National Theater Plato, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2018 – 2016

Think Freedom, art installation, Accessible Art Fair at Bozar Center, Brussels, Belgium

Think Freedom, art installation, Klovićevi Dvori, Zagreb, Croatia

Think Freedom, art installation, Adris Galerija, Rovinj, Croatia

Think Freedom, art installation, Skopsko Leto, Skopje, Macedonia

Think Freedom, art installation, Old City Hall, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Think Freedom, art installation, Museum of Contemporary Art RS, Banja Luka, B&H

Think Freedom, art installation, SKCNS, Novi Sad, Serbia

Four views, group exhibition, PopART Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Pieces of Her, solo exhibition, Blackbox Gallery, Sarajevo, B&H

Made in Paint, group exhibition, Golden Foundation, NY, USA

2015 – 2010   

Think Freedom, art installation, Sarajevo City Hall, B&H

Tria, group exhibition, Bosnian Cultural Center, Tuzla, B&H

Friendship that Lasts, group exhibition, Skopje City Museum, Skopje, Macedonia

Sarajevo Heart of Europe, Special Edition Postage Stamp, Sarajevo, B&H

OS2014, public art with Alexander Viscio, Sarajevo, B&H

Bosnian Born, group exhibition, Fine Arts Gallery of Fontbonne University, St. Louis, USA

Edina and Friends, group exhibition, GM Gallery, Tuzla, B&H

Bridge for Life, group exhibition, Klub Galerija Slikar, Sarajevo, B&H

Bosnian Born, group exhibition, Washington, DC, USA

Tria, group exhibition, City Gallery, Galerija Luža, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Things in Between, group exhibition, The Shirley, New York, USA

Bosnian Born, group exhibition, Green Cube Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA, USA

Tria, group exhibition, City Gallery, Kastav, Croatia

INTERBIFEP, international biennale, International Portrait Gallery, Tuzla, B&H

Tria, group exhibition, Zenica City Museum, Zenica, B&H

Kunstalle Exnergasse, artist talk and performance with Aaron Sheppard, Vienna, Austria

Pieces of Her, group exhibition, Dacia Gallery, New York, USA

Wedding Dress for a Princess, art installation, Sarajevo, B&H

Revolution Art Expo 2010, group exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan

Pieces of Her, group exhibition, Grant Gallery, New York, USA

2009 – 2004

Pieces of Her, group exhibition, Galeria de Arte, Quito, Ecuador

Tria, group exhibition, ASA Art Gallery, Sarajevo, B&H

Tria, group exhibition, Kulturni Centar, Zagreb, Croatia

Maid in Chinatown, video performance, Chinese Biennale, Beijing, China

Summer Nudes, group exhibition, Lana Santorelli Gallery, NYC, USA

Silence series, Affordable Art Fair with Behr-Thyssen Gallery, NYC, USA

Body and Sculpture, Klub Galerija Slikar, Sarajevo, B&H

Cover, multimedia collaboration with Emily Rawlings, DUMBO, BKNY, USA

Go North: Evolve Dissolve, group exhibition, Beacon, NY, USA

Heat International, group exhibition, Monk Dogz Urban Art, New York, USA

Small Works, group exhibition, 440 Gallery, Park Slope, BKNY, USA

Elements, group exhibition, Pochron Studios, DUMBO, BKNY, USA

Exquisite Corpse, group exhibition, SCOPE Miami, Miami, FL, USA

Vagina Monologues, V-Day Foundation, group exhibition, New York, USA

Creation of Planet Earth, mural with Adin Hebib, AVAZ Business Center, Sarajevo, B&H

Book of Truth, production design – independent film, New York, USA

Anatomically Correct, group exhibition, Broadway Gallery, New York, USA

2003 – 1998   

Vodka Rocks, costume design – independent film, New York, USA 

Anie Rexe, Purge multi-media performance, Williamsburg, BKNY, USA

Seven Painters, CMG Young Designer Showcase, New York, USA

In Red, multi-media performance, Brooklyn Arts Festival, BKNY, USA

New York Fashion Week, fashion show with AnadJon, Bryant Park, NYC, USA

Flesh, Fabric, and Metal, group exhibition, Barbara Davis Gallery, Houston, TX, USA 

Metamorphoses of Self, group exhibition, Amsterdam Whitney Fine Art, New York, USA

Autobiographies, group exhibition, Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, USA

Art Heals, group exhibition/auction for Orphan Fund benefit, New York, USA

Materials and Concept, group exhibition, 560 Broadway, SoHo, New York, USA

Smock Magazine, Smock fashion show, South Street Seaport, New York, USA

Summer Summit, group exhibition, LIPA Gallery, Washington, DC, USA

Figuratively Speaking, group exhibition, 505 Gallery, Washington, DC, USA

Coming Home, solo exhibition, International Portrait Gallery, Tuzla, B&H


2022 – 2010

Plaque of the city of Sarajevo, B&H   

Primio Arbiter Fata Verde SyArt Award, Sorrento Foundation, Sorrento, Italy.

World Citizen Artist Award, visual arts, London, UK

Gold No Limit award, best ambient, Sarajevo, B&H

Golden Foundation Residency Fellowship, New York, USA

Galeria Gorse, Klagenfurt, Austria

International Atelier Ismet Mujezinovic, Open Studio, Tuzla, B&H 

Sculpture Space Fellowship, Utica, NY, USA

Can Serrat Foundation, Fellowship, Barcelona, Spain


2022 – 2012

Woman.comm conference, Sarajevo, B&H

I Graduate Conference on Science and Technology of the Arts, Porto, Portugal

BH Engineering Weeks, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Future Leaders Summit, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

International Leadership Association, USA

AoMo, Liverpool, UK

Sarajevo Innovation Summit, Sarajevo, B&H

Equal Pay Day, mentoring, Prague, Czech Republic

IEDC, Visual Intelligence, Bled, Slovenia

Management in Culture Academy, Ars Aevi, Sarajevo, B&H

Weekend Media Festival, Rovinj, Croatia

OPEN FEST conference, Sarajevo, B&H

STEPS conference, Tuzla, B&H

CEO conference, Tuzla, B&H


1995 – 1999 Corcoran School of Art, BFA, Washington, DC, USA