Project Description

Williamsburg, NY – Offering a new definition to “Global Citizen of the World”, French born, Italian educated, and Belgian based fashion designer, Anie Rexe’ fascinating life and rising career reflect her multiple horizons. Passionately active in international fashion, her unique sense of style has influenced both the European musical and theatrical world.

Discovered at age nine by the Croatian Style Magazine “Svijet”, as the newest and most innovative talent in Europe, she has devoted her life to imagination and style ever since. In 1999, at a tender age, she left school to create for the Italian Opera House, Scandinavian art performance galleries, and the Slovakian ballet. Anie is also sought out by most renowned rock and roll bands for her innovations.

As Anie's advancing career metamorphosed from underground to main stream with the launch of her label in 2000, European elite has converted to her alternative image. In 2002, as fate will have it, Anie Rexe was introduced to American based band Blind Snatch on their European tour and the artistic connection was born. At the invitation of the band members and their production company Anie presented her recent collection to the New York fashion scene for the first time in 2003.

Influenced by her love of art and music, Anie Rexe’ intimidating and sexy fashion reflects a sustained moment of her inner world, mysteriously suggesting a living human soul dwelling within. “Functional and fearless” as the editors have described the collection, it is made with mandatory individuality redefining couture fashion at its core. Almost dangerous, mixed media forms capture an internal dialogue, metamorphosing from inanimate to animate, erasing the line between fashion and art, art and life. Whether metal, fabric, or flesh they all coincide to rise the mystical and wild that lies within every client.