OS2014 with Alexandar Viscio Sarajevo 2014

  Austrian Ministry of Culture funded the sculpture in Sarajevo to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the Duke Ferdinand assassination that took place in Sarajevo and instigated the First World War in 1914. Alex Viscio in collaboration with Normal Arhitektura and 12 Bosnian and Austrian artists, presented a sculpture that connected two [...]

Made in Chinatown with Aaron Sheppard 2008

    Video performance for the first Chinese Biennial in Beijing in 2008.

COVER with Emily Raw 2007-present

This conceptual photo essay brings the essence of our universal truths to light. It elicits a myriad of introspective questions. Are the answers in the eyes of the beholder, or are they in the eyes of women around the world adorned in cultural, ceremonial, and religious dress? The women in these photographs represent the perspectives [...]

TAKE ONE with Emily Raw 2005-present

Project Take One is an exploration and documentation of candid human interaction with contemporary works of art in serendipitous circumstances.

Wall sculpture with Adin Hebib 2004

This second collaborative wall mural with Adin Hebib is developed as a wall sculpture using Edina’s sculptural methods and Adin painting techniques. Edina and Adin worked with the team of architects and local builders. It stands at the entrance of then tallest building in Bosnia and Herzegovina Avaz Business Tower.

Wearable art with AnandJon 2001-2003

New York Fashion Week at Bryant Park, NYC.

IN RED with Victor Butcher 2002

Modern dance performance at Dance Space in Soho, NYC and at the Brooklyn Art Festival in DUMBO.

Wall mural with Adin Hebib 1998

Collaborative wall mural with Adin Hebib used several painting and sculpture techniques. Commissioned by the Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mr. Haris Silajdzic, it is located at the entrance of the BH Embassy in Washington, DC: